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"I am confident that the management team of Energy Custom Homes and
the field crew members will strive to provide a quality work and service, and will continue
to be supportive to their existing and prospective clients as well. I am looking forward to
your continued support as I move forward in my new custom-built home."

-Teddy Bernal Oberly Parkway Orlando, FL 32833 (Essex Floor Plan)- 

" They were pleasant, professional and efficient. In addition to that visit, they arranged for a complete AC/Heater
service and installation of a Power Save unit. What I didn’t predict was that one month after my
‘makeover’ Progress Energy would announce a 25% increase in my electric bill! So, while all of the
improvements made sense, they proved to be very timely as well."

   " Bottom line, the ‘energy makeover’ that Energy Custom Homes performed on my home is a big success,
not only saving energy but saving money. These days that’s a pretty big deal, and I highly recommend
every home in Florida get one as soon as they can."

-Robert Sahlin 96.5 WHTQ-

" The field superintendants have been eager and willing to work with us."

" We would without quesiton recommend them to one of our customers "

-Don Chikodroff President Weathermaster Building Products, INC-

"I consider your construction company a benefit to anyone who associates with you."

"Your energy consultants, installation and
management teams have always been professional and accommodated my time constraints. In fact,
you impressed me so much, I decided to do a cabinet and drawer replacement to upgrade my kitchen."

-Raquel S.-